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2013-03-19 06:43 pm
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Money Tracking for BoomTown

BoomTown Currency
Gold pieces, Silver pieces, Bronze pieces.
one gold piece = 20 silver pieces
one silver piece = 20 bronze pieces

What he has on hand at the moment for currency


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2013-03-10 06:33 pm
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Inventory list

Inventory list (Will change and be updated as things are used up or things are added to it.)

Inventory below cut... )

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2013-03-10 04:08 pm
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BoomTown Application

Player's Name: Chris
Are you over 16? Yes
Characters Played Here: None yet

Character: Skyfire
Series/Canon: Transformers G1 (Cartoon)
From When? Sometime after Day of the Machines but before Dark Awakening (Ignoring the fact that it may or may not have been him in the DA episode.)

More information below cut... )
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2012-12-22 10:12 pm

Character reset

Skyfire is getting a full reset and is going back to a clean G1 slate.
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2010-01-27 04:34 am

*Ooc* Infinity dressing room home info

Infinity dressing room warehouse info.


Warehouse info )
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2010-01-12 08:41 am

**Ooc** post listing

Just a list of posts made for self reference.

Getting too long, put behind cut for length. )
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2010-01-11 07:35 pm
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**Ooc** Contact post/HMD

Need the mun for anything? Got comments?
Post here or send a pm.