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Inventory list (Will change and be updated as things are used up or things are added to it.)

Installed and non removable tools, scanners and whatever...
Transceiver, Ration card, Room key

Loose items, parts and supplies that can be used, traded, personal items etc. (He would stock himself as if he was going on a standard deep space exploration)

-A few standard Cybertronian medical kits (for someone of his size, one kit won't usually be enough)
-Sample containers made from a super strong material resembling glass
-Spare parts and components of various things (ie, solar still parts, replacement components for his sensors, etc. Used very sparingly.)
-Personal knickknacks and mementos... (These will generally never be seen... and are very precious to him. It would take a life or death situation to even get him to even think of considering giving one up.)
-A set or two of 'medical tools' aka the Cybertronian equivalent of scalpel, medical saws, stitches (welder/soldering iron), etc.
-Various odds and ends, samples and things picked up on his previous explorations... (Aka, he needs to clean out his subspace pocket and compartments...)

Non personal, brought with the intention of supplying the settlement with what other Cybertronians will need for fuel and repairs.
-The supplies and parts to create and maintain a small (Enough production to support one or two TFs for a few months at bare minimum fuel levels.) facility to create and refine energon for any and all Cybertronians... Even if there won't be much in the way of production till they drop off enough supplies to scale up to a larger production format.

-Plans, instructions and equipment to train and teach future maintainers how to keep the equipment running.

-As much information on Cybertronian medical data and repairs as he can manage... plus if not the tools and supplies needed for repairs, at least copies of the schematics to make them.

-A good supply of energon, rationed for use until the energon processor is up and running... then the remains are to be used as a control sample to measure quality against.

Used Items, given away, thrown out, etc.
Three suits of clothes and pair of boots (Received on arrival) - Given to Allison Young

Money Tracking
Separate post over here.


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