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Player's Name: Chris
Are you over 16? Yes
Characters Played Here: None yet

Character: Skyfire
Series/Canon: Transformers G1 (Cartoon)
From When? Sometime after Day of the Machines but before Dark Awakening (Ignoring the fact that it may or may not have been him in the DA episode.)

History: A link to the wiki

Skyfire is the classic 'gentle giant'. Big, powerful and strong, though also gentle, warm-hearted and polite. While he dislikes violence and fighting, he will fight and even kill if necessary to protect himself and others from harm. Though he normally has an enthusiastic, positive nature, he takes the idea of war quite seriously and doesn't really like, nor wish to be involved in it. Being woken up in the middle of a war after the last thing he recalls is a lifetime of peace... It has been a bit of a struggle for him to come to terms with the amount of violence and pain that is involved with it.

He's rather badly inexperienced with battle and can be prone to making poor tactical choices, as in turning his back on potentially deadly enemies, walking carelessly through a battle zone and being far too trusting of his enemies among other things. Despite this, he does manage to become a little more battle savvy after a while, though he will surely never enjoy it.

Why does he fight then? Well, he can't exactly go back to Cybertron and lead a normal prewar life anymore and beyond that, he wants to stop evil deeds and to protect his new friends' lives.

Skyfire sees himself more as a dedicated volunteer rather than a draftee, with the implication being that he can leave whenever he wants to. In fact, Skyfire volunteers for almost all the duties he undertakes as an Autobot, he tends to offer his services before anyone has a chance to ask or order.

Being rather friendly and outgoing, he likes to meet new people and make friends. Though he does tend to come off as cheesy and a little corny at times, his humour could definitely use some work. Most of the time Skyfire is either soft spoken or rather cheerful in his tone of voice, but when he is forced into a bad situation/fight he at times tends to unconsciously try and hide his discomfort/fear behind a more forceful, but somewhat forced sounding, deeper, rougher and more aggressive voice.

As an explorer/scientist he enjoys discovering new things and adding to his knowledge, though he's willing to share most of his discoveries with nearly anyone... provided he believes that they won't do harm with it. He likes having some challenge and adventure, and being an explorer provided a lot of that.

Important side note: While there is a lot of fannon of Skyfire and Starscream being involved in some type of 'romantic' relationship, I can only see them as friends at the time Skyfire crashed. Perhaps it could have been more, perhaps not... but I do play him as if they had just been friends and exploration partners.

Why do you think your character would work in this setting?
Mostly included in the personality section. But have a short summary anyways.
He's an explorer and scientist, but he's also battle fatigued. While he may enjoy the new and interesting things and people on earth, fighting in the war wears him down and causes him pain... so the chance to have a new start without the war and factions would be a pleasant one.

Notes on his size in game and vehicle mode plus misc like fuel:
He's been shrunk to 12feet by the APS so he can actually fit in the domes and his alt mode has also been shrunk to about the size of a two seater plane. Fuel consumption for him has been reduced greatly, but he still takes larger than average amounts compared to others his size. This is due to his larger tanks for long distance travel without a refuel.

inventory: The list is over here. It will be updated as things change.

Samples: And now for the hard part! If you need a prompt for your samples, refer back to the Applications Page.

Third-Person Sample: Link to a musebox thread of a similar setting.

First-Person Sample: A Dear Mun post
A personal journal/log as written by Skyfire.


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